Culture Creators

Biweekly coaching support to take consistent action to create the new world

“i practice what I want to become.
we practice what we want to create.

i am a microcosm of all the possible justice, liberation, pleasure and honesty in the universe and i act accordingly.” - adrienne maree brown, emergent strategy mantras

What is the New World?

The new world is a magnet for collective liberation. It is queer, feminist, anti-racist, life-sustaining - A world where everyone is supported 100% and no one is left out.

Who is a culture Creator?

Anyone who is dedicated to collective liberation and sees that in order for that to happen, we must radically shift the way we are showing up in our movements and our heads so that it aligns with our hearts.

Culture Creators is a 4 month program designed to support you in taking consistent action for that world. This group will shift how you are engaging so that you experience alignment with your values on a daily basis. You are working hard to create a better future for us all, and we want you to experience that world as present here & now through your actions, rather than as a far off dream.

Currently, much of our movements for justice echo characteristics of white supremacy culture (perfectionism, defensiveness, individualism, etc), which means that our movement work is not in alignment with our values, thus ineffective. In order to truly support and empower each other in the vision of this new world, we must shift the way we are being, with ourselves, each other, and our contributions to this collective future. To bring the new world into the present we must actively be building a new culture.

This coaching group is a playground and a place to learn and practice new tools that support this shift in being. By being in community with other culture creators, you will experience possibility, ease, and excitement in the adventure of creating the new world. Being supported in this way allows dreams that previously seemed impossible to be brought into physical reality with ease.

From this coaching group you'll get:

Skill in taking small sweet steps to bring your vision into reality with ease and joyShift beyond self limiting beliefs that get in the way of taking actionSee clearly how the way you are being changes the dynamic of what you see as possiblePractice rooting into your power to make a difference, regardless of what is happening around you Community support to make the contribution that is yours to make

This group is for you if:

You are dedicated to building a world where everyone is supported 100% and no one is left out.You see that if you were more consistently in alignment with your values, your contribution to creating a new world would be more effective.You see there is room for additional skill development when it comes to acting from your values, especially in times of uncertaintyYou love being in community with and learning from others who are also dedicated to building the new world .You see that changing the mainstream culture means taking consistent action to rebuild a new culture- every single day.You are open to a shift in how you experience your movement work.

When and Where

Mondays 3-5PT/6-8ET

March 15, 29
April 5, 19
May 3, 17
June 7, 21

Weekly sessions build on each other and it is expected participants attend each session unless in the case of an emergency.

All meetings will occur over zoom with video attendance preferred but not required.


$700 ($175/mo)if this is a stretch to be investing
$900 ($225/mo) if you’re living comfortably
$1,100 ($275/mo) if you’re flourishing financially, investing at this rate allows other folks to access it at lower rates

The flexible tiered system means that coaching support is available to people with diverse economic backgrounds. When you pay on the higher end of the scale you are insuring that these services are available to those who might otherwise not be offered this kind of support.

Meet your coaches

Jordan and Natalie have been organizing, facilitating, building relationships, and supporting each other in movement spaces for 10 years. We spent time learning and outgrowing a national NGO that was working for environmental justice but upheld so many characteristics of white supremacy that we couldn’t ignore. We developed a training and way of introducing this document on the characteristics of white supremacy culture and antidotes so that we, along with our team, could observe the way white supremacy was making our work harder and less effective than if we told the truth about the organizational practices. The skills we learned worked, but the way of being with them perpetuated by the organizational culture produced an experience that was exhausting, alienating, and ultimately out of alignment with our values.
This version of activism was ineffective and felt like we were spinning our wheels because we were recreating white supremacy culture.
In our hearts we knew the work must be in relationship to and led by the wisdom and expertise of impacted communities. We use this document to discern where characteristics of white supremacy culture show up in our own experience and the experience of groups we support. We have both also been training as life and leadership coaches through the Academy for Coaching Excellence and now have a new way of bringing this document and intentional support to participants. The document is powerful in giving us shared language and ways to observe the dominant culture. Coaching is powerful in supporting us to take action toward what is important to us and moving past the familiar stopping points that have held us back in the past.

We see that dismantling white supremacy culture and building a new world is going to take sustained effort that is rooted in our vision for the new world and does not ignore or shy away from the discomfort we are facing right now.

In working with organizers, facilitators, activists, folks working to build the new world we saw some trends and self limiting ideas. Within large NGO settings or interpersonal relationships there are so many things keeping us from building the new world. Do any of these sound familiar? Feeling like you’re not doing enough. Not knowing how or where to start out of fear of not getting it right. Being in crisis mode rather than focusing on what is most important. Justifying inaction or actions taken out of alignment with values. All of these stopping points are keeping us from collective liberation. We are dreaming of a world where we can be with people in a way that truly empowers them in a way that encourages their power to come forward, doesn’t drain us, one that puts first being in alignment with our integrity.

We are dedicated to supporting others to move beyond these familiar conversations and experience just how powerful we are together.

Our movements are up for a breakthrough. Participating in a community that is focused on building the skill of shifting our culture is integral to the success and sustainability of our movements. If we want to create sustainable change and sustain ourselves while doing it, then we must focus on the way in which we be with our work, not just the end result.
We must focus on how we create the culture of our movements.
Together we can support each other to take consistent action that cultivates a culture of care, rest, joy, and ease. We can nurture a culture that actively supports everyone 100% and no one is left out. Given everything that’s at stake for a liveable future, now is a crucial moment to not only commit to taking this action, but to wrap yourself in layers of support to ensure that together, we do not fail. Choosing to participate is saying yes to the future we’re all dreaming of. A vibrant future where our needs are met, and we can breathe easy knowing that we used our power to protect what is most important.

Based on the events of Wednesday 1/6/21, it’s apparent that we have a lot of work ahead of us. You are likely not surprised by what is happening.
The path ahead is one of stretching ourselves and our skill level to meet the call to action to build the world we’re all dreaming of.
This will require us to ask for support in extraordinary ways, so that we can show up in extraordinary ways. If this resonates, we hope to see you in our first round of culture creators coaching group.

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